Authors & Contributors


ALS 199 Fall 2014 Class

ALS 199 Students

Emilee Boyd
Jacob Dimm
Nick Hawkins
Lauren Kimura
Jacob Novotny
Hayley Pearson
Reilly Quinn
Jordan Rodgers
Karly Rodgers
Victor Rodriquez
Liam Rowley
Jessica Tafoya
Buddy Terry
San Poil Whitehead
Jenny Vorvik

ALS 199 Professors

Kim McAloney
Janet Nishihara
Meleani Bates, Student Assistant

OSUL&P’s Oregon Multicultural Archives (OMA)

Natalia Fernández, Oregon Multicultural Archivist
Avery Sorensen, OMA Student Worker

Special Thanks

Chris Petersen and Larry Landis, OSU Special Collections & Archives Research Center Staff
Raul Burriel, Media Space
Jim Spolerich, Student Multimedia Services


Untold Stories: Oral Histories of Faculty & Staff of Color at Oregon State University Copyright © by Made in Collaboration by OSUL&P's Oregon Multicultural Archives & the Students of ALS 199 "Untold Stories: Histories of People of Color in Oregon" U-Engage, Fall Term 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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