The Fall of 2013 was the first collaboration between the Oregon Multicultural Archives and the U-Engage class ALS 199 “Untold Stories: Histories of People of Color in Oregon” – together they to created a campus tour regarding the histories of OSU’s students of color.

The stories selected for this booklet showcase the impact and contributions that students of color have had on the OSU campus. The stories range from celebrating the lives of OSU’s first female and male African Americans to graduate from OSU, to documenting student led protests in an effort to raise awareness of important issues, to recounting the establishment of four of the campus cultural centers, to detailing the desegregation of the men’s basketball team, and finally, to honoring the Japanese American students who were forced to leave their studies during World War II.

There are two versions of the tour guidebook: one is the version to view digitally and the other is the version that when printed and folded in half becomes a booklet. Both are available through OSU’s ScholarsArchive: Click Here for the Online Version of the Booklet and, for the print version of the booklet, click here and select the print file. Then follow the instructions listed in the abstract.

Here is the map with the 10 tour sites; the self-guided tour lasts about 1 hour:





ALS 199 Fall Term 2013 Project ~ Histories of Students of Color Campus Tour Guidebook Copyright © by Made in Collaboration by OSUL&P's Oregon Multicultural Archives & the Students of ALS 199 "Untold Stories: Histories of People of Color in Oregon" U-Engage, Fall Term 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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